6th Annual Women's and Girls Fundraiser Empowerment Brunch!

Our Services


Elementary - High School

  • Career Exploration
  • College Tours
  • Business Trips

College & Career

  • Workshops and Seminars
  • Interview Preparation and training
  • Business Ediquette

Mentor Programs

  • Personal Development
  • Job Visits (Take "Mentee to Work Day")
  • Field Trips
  • Nature Trips (Hiking/Camping)
  • Workshops (Dream Big, Dear to be Different, and much more)

Additional Education Services

  • Computer and Techonology
  • Tutoring Grades 1 thru 12
  • Reading and Math
  • Science

Financial Literacy

  • Money Management
  • Checking and Saving Account

Health Services Plan

Dietary Intervention is a new concept  that has hit the airways that assist in promoting healthcare. This  knowledge will eliminate destructive health disparities that are among  the minority population, which will help us to achieve vitality and  optimal health in the community.  In 2000, Philadelphia was ranked the  fattest city in the world.  With Mayor Streets initiative and the hiring  of G. Foster, they were able to reduce this statistic and by 2008  Philadelphia was ranked in the top 10 as the fittest city. With this in  mind, our goal is to have a state of the art kitchen that will teach  youth how to cook and to make healthy life choices.  We will  develop relationships with local co-ops that will assist us with  educating the youth in the program. 



G2BG ("Great To Be Girls")

  • Empowerment
  • Self Awareness and Respect
  • Academic Success
  • Leadership Skills

Teen Scene

  • Abstinence
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Health and Sex Education
  • Self Awareness and Respect
  • Leadership Skills